St. James Baptist Church - Rev. Stanley Ward
3191 Lee's Landing Road - Powhatan VA 23139

St James Baptist Church in Powhatan Virginia

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Weddings at St James


  1. Seating capacity – 125 (no overflow in the Fellowship hall)
  2. Music –You can use the pianist or you could provide your own.
  3. Decorations – All material must be flameproof. Freestanding candelabras are permitted. Any special decorations that you may use must be approved and taken down after the service.
  4. Wedding Coordinator – The church will not provide coordinator for your wedding.
  5. Photography –Photos are allowed during the ceremony.
  6. Flowers – The flowers are permissible. They are entirely your responsibility--the Church will not provide them.
  7. Service bulletins – If they are desired, they are entirely your responsibility.
  8. Smoking and alcohol – Both are not generally permitted on church property--except for communion.
  9. Safety – For safety reasons, throwing of rice, birdseed, or any other substitute at the bride and groom is permitted outside only.
  10. Church access – The sanctuary will be opened two hours prior to the wedding. Restrooms are located in the fellowship hall and sanctuary.
  11. Rehearsal – Wedding ceremonies that involve more than four persons should have a rehearsal. The Rector or clergy person you select, along with the Parish Wedding Coordinator, is in charge of the rehearsal.


Fees - $1,100 which includes the following:

$450 – Church building use fee*

$300 – Fellowship Hall*

$200 – Pianist fee (or you can provide your own.)

*These fees are waived for members and their immediate family since they support the church on an ongoing basis. Any honorarium that is given will go to the General Fund.

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