St. James Baptist Church - Rev. Stanley Ward
3191 Lee's Landing Road - Powhatan VA 23139

St James Baptist Church in Powhatan Virginia

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Church Life at St James

Fellowship Calendar

(All activities suspended due to COVID-19)

All services available via ZOOM until further notice

Sunday Morning Service

11:00am ZOOM info 1-253-215-8782; Meeting ID 842-2461-0307; Password (CONTACT US)

Bible Study

7:30pm ZOOM info 1-253-215-8782 ; Meeting ID 886-4066-8607; Password (CONTACT US)

Outreach Ministry

Members of the congregation who bring Communion to those who are unable to come to church because of illness or infirmity.

Food Pantry

Donations of food and money to provide food to local Powhatan citizens in need.

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